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The BBQfire is a garden piece that effortlessly transforms from an elegant BBQ to a stunning fireplace for unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Perfect for fine garden

Garden piece

Designed with a distinctive interplay of lines, the BBQfire is a uniquely crafted freestanding entity.

Symmetrical panels create a beautiful floating effect with the doors seamlessly blending into the design when closed.

Due to its innovative design, the BBQfire adapts to the rhythm of your evening. All BBQ and fireplace attributes can be concealed from view with sophisticated storage features.

Premium class BBQ

The BBQfire is a versatile BBQ that offers effortless controllability.

The BBQfire's features make it suitable for direct and indirect heating, slow cooking and grilling. The skewer grill provides extra convenience.

Its insulated coal tray ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the BBQ. Combined with the concrete-ceramic inner lining, it is ideal for a wide range of cooking techniques.

Outdoor Fire

By simply storing your BBQ elements in the designated storage compartments, the BBQfire effortlessly transforms into a fireplace. A fire screen is inserted into the fireplace opening, which protects the surrounding area. Its signature doors enclose the fire and the concrete-ceramic lining radiates warmth towards you. A convenient ashtray with airflow control makes cleaning a breeze.

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Signature doors

When closed, the doors of the BBQfire blend seamlessly into the design of the fireplace. Once open, the doors enclose the fire and ensure a protected environment. This creates an intimate and intense fire experience. Concrete-ceramic lining radiates warmth towards you.

BBQ possibilities

The BBQ grate is versatile and is crafted with high-quality stainless steel slats. If necessary, the slats can be individually replaceable. When rotated, the grill can be used as a skewer roaster. A wide range of BBQ possibilities is created by selecting direct or indirect heat or by opening or closing the doors.

Intuitive design

Effortless transformation and a design that evolves with the rhythm of the evening. That was one of the guiding principles when designing the BBQfire. It goes without saying that all essential components have a set position within the fireplace and can therefore be stored with ease. This not only ensures ease of use, but also a well-organised appearance.

with detail

Made entirely in-house in Bladel (the Netherlands), the BBQfire is manufactured from high-quality materials.

Attention is devoted to the smallest details, which is reflected in the BBQfire's finely crafted finish. Components can also be replaced to reduce the environmental footprint.

Where moments merge endlessly
and the ambiance is good

The exclusive BBQ fireplace that effortlessly evolves with the rhythm of your evening
A statement against single-use products
Freestanding in the garden or under a canopy
The only outdoor product that unites a garden piece with fine dining and a fireplace
Unique blend of exclusive design, functionality and sustainability
Create the perfect setting for a relaxed get-together
A garden piece with a wide range of cooking techniques with a unique design
Slow-cooking, BBQ, skewer roasting, cooking with direct or indirect heat

For those with great taste
that value stories and style

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